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Planning the Journey

The West Highland Way spans 96 miles and showcases the breathtaking Scottish countryside. The journey usually lasts between 5 to 8 days, depending on your walking pace and level of familiarity. However, don’t fret as there is no need to hurry. You can relish the exquisite scenery and lively culture along the way at your leisure.

It’s essential to design your itinerary according to your fitness level and preferred distance covered each day. The route encompasses various villages and towns, enabling you to complete it in a few long days or stretch it out over several shorter ones.

A walking journey along the West Highland Way typically lasts 6-8 days. If you can afford the time, plan the trip over 10 days, with an extra day in the middle for rest or exploration along the West Highland Way.

7 Day Walk

The most popular option chosen by walkers:

Day 1:MilngavietoDrymen12 Miles
Day 2:DrymentoRowardennan14 Miles
Day 3:RowardennantoInverarnan14 Miles
Day 4:InverarnantoTyndrum12 Miles
Day 5:TyndrumtoKingshouse19 Miles
Day 6:KingshousetoKinlochleven 9  Miles
Day 7:KinlochleventoFort William16 Miles

5 Day Walk

For the more experienced walker:

Day 1:MilngavietoBalmaha19 Miles
Day 2:BalmahatoInverarnan21 Miles
Day 3:InverarnantoBridge of Orchy19 Miles
Day 4:Bridge of OrchytoKinlochleven21 Miles
Day 5:KinlochleventoFort William16 Miles

Seasonal Advice

It’s possible to travel the West Highland Way all year round, but our Baggage Transfer Service is restricted to operating from March to October.

Take extreme caution if travelling during Winter.

If travelling during mid-to-late summer, we advise packing plenty of insect repellent for the midges and clegs. It can really spoil your journey if you’re not sufficiently prepared – you have been warned! 

Cycling the West Highland Way

Cycling the West Highland Way can be completed in 2-4 days, with your baggage transferred to each overnight destination.

Cycling the whole route is not recommended for inexperienced cyclists or families, although sections of it are ideal for exactly that. Cycling part of your route can also reduce total journey time, perhaps cycling a comparatively smooth and flat southern section of the West Highland Way, then walking the rest of the route.

Cycling Distances

A popular choice for cyclists is 3 Days:

Day 1:MilngavietoRowardennan27 Miles
Day 2:RowardennantoBridge Of Orchy33 Miles
Day 3:Bridge Of OrchytoFort William36 Miles

!Caution! for Cyclists

The West Highland Way was designed for walkers, therefore some terrain is unsuitable for cycling – some obstacles can be very tricky to negotiate even when dismounted.

“On narrow sections, cycling may cause problems for other people, such as walkers and horse riders. If this occurs, dismount and walk until the path becomes suitable again. Do not endanger walkers and horse riders: give other users advance warning of your presence and give way to them on a narrow path”. 

~ Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

In-depth Guide to the West Highland Way

For more hints and tips on the West Highland Way, or if you have any other questions please read our Frequently Asked Questions. For further authoritative information, please refer to the West Highland Way website: