AMS Scotland

West Highland Way

Baggage Transfer

Terms & Conditions

  1. The weight limit per bag is 20kgs.
  2. No valuable or breakable items are to be left in transportable luggage. In particular Laptops, iPads or tablets.
  3. Please have all baggage made available for collection at your accommodation by 9.00 am.
  4. Bags going to and from Inversnaid to be ready for collection from 8.00 am
  5. Please contact us if you decide to cancel at any stage of your walk.
  6. Any changes to accommodation must be advised to us immediately to ensure correct delivery of bags
  7. No camping gas to be carried in transportable luggage.
  8. Baggage is only insured whilst in transit on our vehicles and therefore it is recommended that you have adequate travel insurance.
  9. Air B&B are becoming more popular with walkers. We can deliver here, however more often than not these accommodations do not have any personnel to take delivery. Please make sure you have arrangements in place with the air b&b accommodation owner so we can make delivery.
  10. We are happy to credit/postpone your booking at any time.